Who We Are

It all started with the love of technology

Because if I told you it all started with Lego, you wouldn't take us seriously!

Andrew Williams - Founder, Executive Relations - From as early as I could remember, I had always appreciated the power of solutions. Innovation came to me naturally. Sure it started with Lego as a child, building complex structures and functional models that would win some awards today. But that skill set of intuitive building things followed me through high school and into the working world.

Starting with web development at Durham College, I carried out my love for solutions as a freelancer until I was hired by one of the top 5 banks, then promoted through the ranks in the financial IT space, implementing solutions with bleeding edge technologies, identifying opportunities for revenue generation and cost savings. Much like Lego, you strategically pull together all that's required to provide an end result.

At the heart of Thirstytech, is a passionate culture of innovative thinking, embracing problems, running towards the challenge rather than avoiding it. We hope you'll fuel our thirst for fixing things. Whether its development of a software application, or installing the latest technology components to get you over the next hurdle. We provide solutions that quench.