Who We Are

We can see the future!

A world where choosing technology is easy and simple. Whatever your requirements are - friendly guidance and expertise pave the way to successful implementation, with top level support that's second to none. The future is already here, and it's only going to get better .

As a child, do you remember the feeling of walking into the classroom after recess only to see a TV on a stand with a VCR, or a film projector with the front screen pulled down?

I was the kid that helped set those things up. Or if there was an assembly in the gym for the entire school, I was the one wiring up all the speakers and microphones. I was fascinated with electronics from a very early age.

Today I’m still that kid, eager to help, eager to troubleshoot, and eager to see the solution put into place correctly. It’s rewarding and fun, and I’ve built a company with like-minded people who share the same outcome.

Its that very thirst for solving problems and delivering solutions that’s coined the name ThirstyTech. Contact us today and see how we provide solutions that quench!