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September 22, 2019

Taking on too much as a freelance developer?

One of the finest things a programmer can do with their skills is becoming a freelance developer. You set your own hours, never leave your home, and you cultivate a strong and glorious relationship with coffee.

As a freelance developer, you realize that while it your own business and somewhat call the shots, you always answer to a boss, your customer, also known as the stakeholder. Whether it’s a small business or larger organization, someone assumes the task or is designated to track your progress to ensure you’re meeting their requirements.

The Reality of Stakeholder Management

The problem with dealing directly with the stakeholder is they operate from the perspective and concern for the best interests of their company. In many cases, they aren’t trained or familiar with the process of development, debugging and the varying factors that hinder the delivery of a project. To them, you’re just late.

Another challenge is when the company changes their mind on a requirement or wants to add to the project. Their process for asking and fully understanding the impact to the timeline is often misguided. Some stakeholders take developers as magicians who can manipulate results with a few keystrokes. If that’s what you are, then your compensation should be doubled.

Project Managers should wear capes

If Batman was a developer, his sidekick Robin would be the project manager. Having a PM is similar to a dynamic duo because they have your back. In every situation, they know your strengths and weaknesses and fill in the gaps with explanations and negotiations, guarding your environment, ensuring you can operate in an efficient and productive manner.

How does it differ when a stakeholder assigns a project manager who understands the development process? Isn’t that enough to keep things on track? The simple answer is no. While project managers on whole tend to conduct and track tasks better with organization, they still represent the interests of your client. As a developer, you’ll need someone in your corner to represent your best interests.

A hired project manager from your adds value to your services. They:

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