Commercial Solutions

A partner in success. A partner for life

We feel that in order to excel beyond the competition, a solution is never complete unless it provides a unique business advantage. An advantage that's revolutionary. Innovative. Effective.

We thrive on solving problems with technology. We feel it should be cost effective, efficient and reliable. You have an organization to run so cutting corners is never an option. Our clients take comfort in our detail oriented approach. We never sell a solution just to sell. We take pride in the outcome, the testimony, and leaving things better than before we arrived.

Data Cabling

Tried, Tested, and True.

Demands and needs change everyday. When planning for transitions, additions or relocations, it's good to have a partner to assist with your strategy, ready to deploy a strategic plan for a successful implementation.

From data cables for your new office, to security cameras around your perimeter, Thirstytech is your go-to resource for all your cable drops.

We provide detailed mapping of your network, labelled, tested and ready to perform. We also compliment the install with top level support going forward should you encounter any difficulties. We work well with any IT managed service provider. We do it right the first time, so it can last you a lifetime.

Contact us today and we'll send out one of our representatives to help assess your next steps.

Audio/Video Installations

Seeing the big picture. Hearing it loud and clear.

Whether it's an office, restaurant, call centre, or retail space - audio and video plays a major role in any environment to set the tone, convey a message or create the magic that's required to achieve the results you desire.

For more than 20 years, our installers at ThirstyTech have been installing and configuring audio video systems for businesses of every type. Contact us today to have one of our representatives come onsite to assess your audio visual needs.

Surveillance & Security

You need security solutions that Deter, Detect, Alert & Announce

With increasing crime in many areas, you need to be notified immediately when predators draw near, but just as important, you need proof with crystal clear video from strategically placed reliable equipment.

Talk to us today about the new technologies that exist to keep you safe and equipped with evidence you need to prosecute. With cost effective options, no one should feel powerless to the threats that are more prevalent today.