Business Advantage

Not just another solution

We feel that in order to excel beyond the competition, a solution is never complete unless it provides a unique business advantage. An advantage that's revolutionary. Innovative. Effective.

We define success differently, where your competition only exists to play catchup. This is when you've arrived - the finish line that's continually moving because you hold the can of paint.

All of us at Thirstytech love coffee chats! Lets meet and discuss some of our solutions below, or any of your pressing requirements in a no obligation consultation today.

Data Cabling

Is your business environment continually evolving?

Demands and needs change everyday. When planning for transitions, additions or relocations, it's good to have a partner to assist with your strategy, ready to deploy a strategic plan for a successful implementation.

From data cables for your new office, to security cameras around your perimeter, Thirstytech is your go-to resource for all your cable drops.

Contact us today and we'll send out one of our representatives to help assess your next steps. We will also assign a Project Manager for larger implementations with multiple installations or locations.

Audio/Video Installations

Seeing the big picture. Hearing it loud and clear.

Whether it's a restaurant, call centre, or retail environment, audio and video plays a major role in any environment to set the tone, convey a message or create the magic that's required to achieve the results you desire.

For more than 20 years, our installers at Thirstytech have been installing and configuring audio video systems for businesses of every type. Contact us today to have one of our representatives come onsite to assess your audio visual needs.

Digital Media Services

We can help boost your online and interactive strategies

We at Thirstytech have hired the best WordPress programmers and developers who enjoy designing and deploying the most impressive websites and mobile application solutions available today. Performance is integral to every web presence, so we've aligned with the top WordPress hosting services to ensure your site not only looks good, but runs optimally at all times. Contact us today and lets get the discussions going.

IT Managed Services

Downtime is after work relaxation, not a network outage.
If you don't have network administrators monitoring your computer networks, you're vulnerable to costly catastrophes that can happen at any moment when you least expect it. We've partnered with b-techgroup to bring you managed services. It's like having your own IT department on speed dial, ready to assist with any problems you may have. Talk to us today about affordable rates that puts all risks under control.

Project Management

Resources work best if they don't waste time answering to stakeholders.

We've seen it many times, projects being run without proper project management expertise. With our project management services, we assign you a dedicated leader who will organize, run meetings, control milestones and manage budgets and billings for your project. Execute your initiative with the professionalism it requires to stay on track and under control.